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PUC Proposes Rate Increase – Have Your Say Survey Arrives
Posted: Jan 09, 2018

PUC Distribution is in the process of filing its Cost of Service application with the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). The Cost of Service application occurs every five years and determines what each LDC can charge for its distribution rate. As part of the application, PUC has developed an interactive survey for customers. The survey is designed to provide customers with the opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback on a proposed rate increase.

In this application, PUC is applying to the OEB for approval to increase its distribution rate. If approved, the average, (750 kWh) residential electricity bill would increase by approximately $2.17 per month, equivalent to a 2.1% increase on the total electricity bill.

“We completely understand the concerns customers have over the high price of electricity, and we take their worries seriously. This is why we work hard to control our portion of the bill and keep our costs as low as possible,” says Giordan Zin, PUC Supervisor of Community Engagement. “However the unfortunate reality is that additional financial resources are needed for us to continue addressing our community’s electrical distribution needs.”

“We hope that this informative survey will provide customers with a new level of insight and transparency into our operations, and infrastructure renewal projects,” says Rob Brewer, PUC President and CEO. “We want to help our customers stay informed, and we feel the best way to do that is with open and honest dialogue about the state of our utility and our plans for the future.”

As this survey is part of PUC’s official Cost of Service Application, customer responses will be shared with the OEB. “This survey is a powerful tool for customers, as it gives them a direct line to the industry regulators to have their voices heard,” says, Zin. Not only is it an opportunity to share feedback with the OEB, but the survey also includes an incentive that encourages PUC customers to participate.

After completing the survey, customers will have an opportunity to enter a draw for a chance to win 1 of 5 $100.00 credits on their PUC bill (one entry per household). The survey is available here and on the PUC’s website. PUC encourages everyone to take the survey and have their voice heard. For more information on this survey, customers are encouraged to contact PUC at 705-759-6522.

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