Sault Ste. Marie PUC
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Water Mains

PUC Services operates, maintains, constructs, repairs and replaces watermains, valves, hydrants, pumps, and reservoirs that are required to provide municipal water to residents of Sault Ste. Marie and the adjacent Rankin Reserve. Sizes of mains vary from 900 mm diameter down to 50 mm diameter to provide a total length of approximately 470 km of distribution mains. Approximate breakdown of major pipe materials includes:

  • 51% cast iron,
  • 26% ductile iron,
  • 14 % PVC
  • 9% concrete pressure pipe


PUC Services experiences on average approximately 90 watermain breaks a year (5 year average) mostly involving the older cast iron watermains. Most watermain breaks will be most obvious, due to the amount of water surfacing to the ground. Others will remain below the surface and hard to detect. For this reason, PUC Services conducts a Leak Detection Survey every year on the distribution system to locate non-surfacing leaks on the system. This will reduce the amount of “unaccounted for water” and eventually save on operating costs.


In order to meet its infrastructure renewal objectives, PUC Services, in conjunction with the City of Sault Ste. Marie’s road reconstruction projects, will replace our ageing watermain infrastructure.

The following is a list of PUC’s 2018 Capital Works Projects:

  • Bruce St. from Queen St. E. to Wellington St. E
  • Simpson St. fom Queen St. E. to Wellington St. E
  • City's Aqueduct Project on Wellington St. W. from St. Andrew's Terr. to Carmen's Way


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