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Caution and Chance for Kids

Electrical Awareness
An Electrical Safety Activity Book

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Page 1
What is the Safety Message? download this file[78K]
Page 2
Find the Dangers Awaiting (colouring) download this file[225K]
Page 3
Circle What not to put Into A Microwave... download this file[138K]
Page 4
Circle the 'Right' Way to Pull a Electrical Cord... download this file[219K]
Page 5
Draw Caution download this file[63K]
Page 6
Circle the Items That Use Electricity download this file[112K]
Page 7
Word Search download this file[206K]
Page 8
Unscramble Words for Message... download this file[108K]
Page 9
Find the Electical Safety 1 of 2 download this file[268K]
Page 10
Find the Electical Safety 2 of 2 download this file[162K]
Page 11
How Many Electrical Hazards Can You Find... download this file[159K]
Page 12
Count the Ways Chance Could Fall... download this file[138K]
Page 13
Colouring Page download this file[161K]
Page 14
Circle the Safest Method download this file[160K]
Page 15
Follow the Path of 1 of 2 download this file[108K]
Page 16
Follow the Path of 2 of 2 download this file[112K]
Page 17
What Page Did You Find This On? download this file[183K]
Page 18
ANSWERS download this file[129K]
Page 19
Certificate: Caution and Chance Safety Club download this file[263K]


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