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Water Meter
Your water meter measures the amount of water used in your household. The readings from your water meter determine the amount you are charged every month on your water bill. You can read the meter yourself to verify your bill, monitor your water use, or check for suspected leaks (the red diamond shape on the water meter is a leak detector that rotates when water flows through the meter.  If the water is not being used and the red diamond is rotating, it indicates a probable leak downstream of the meter.) Note: some early models do not have leak detectors.

Some meters are equipped with outside remote registers to provide us with readings without entering your home. (Shown to the right - below the main water meter).

Some meters may be equipped with a Sensus FlexNet module that transmits the water readings to our Smart Meter system. (Shown to the bottom right).

The water meter records cubic meters of water used in much the same way that a car's odometer records miles. The white dials with the black numbers are read to measure the number of "units" that have been used.

Your consumption is calculated by subtracting the previous read from the new read.


Previous reading: 0817
New Reading: 0830

You would be billed for the difference of 13 units (cubic meters)

1 cubic meter is approximately 220 imperial gallons.
1 cubic meter is 1000 litres.


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